Co-located Workshop from Xilinx University Program

Xilinx ML Suite Developer Tutorial

Date & Time: Sunday February 24, 2019; 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Parimal Patel, XUP Senior Systems Engineer, email:


Machine learning, as one of the application branches of AI, has gained significant interest from both researchers and developers in recent years. With the explosion of large amount of unstructured data generated at various levels, from endpoints to edge to cloud, quick and accurate information processing has driven researchers to consider ways to analyze the data and act on it in real-time. Xilinx's new Machine Learning Suite enables users to easily evaluate, develop and deploy FPGA-accelerated ML inference using ready-to-run network models so that they can easily integrate machine learning into their research. This tutorial uses the Xilinx ML Suite to deploy models for real-time inference on Amazon EC2 F1 FPGA instances. During this lab you will use Python APIs to accelerate your ML applications with Amazon EC2 F1 instances powered by Xilinx FPGAs. It will provide users an experience on evaluating image classification through Caffe, MxNet and Tensorflow. It will demonstrate effect of 16-bit and 8- bit precision models on resource utilization and inference accuracy.

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Users will use their laptop to connect to AWS

About the presenter:

Parimal joined the Xilinx University Program in April 2007 developing new courses, updating current courses, and delivering XUP workshops worldwide, including High-Level Synthesis, Embedded Systems, Advanced Embedded Systems, DSP Design Flow, DSP Implementation Techniques, Designing with SDSoC, Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration, Python Productivity on Zynq (PYNQ), and Accelerated Cloud Computing on AWS with SDAccel. He has always enjoyed teaching and developing new courses. This email and any attachments are intended for the sole use of the named recipient(s) and contain(s) confidential information that may be proprietary, privileged or copyrighted under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, do not read, copy, or forward this email message or any attachments. Delete this email message and any attachments immediately.