When to Present?

Consult the detailed schedule available at http://www.isfpga.org/program.html.

Regular Presentations

Since the schedule is very tight, the time limits below will be strictly enforced. Be sure that the number of slides you have is not excessive for the presentation time.

Full length papers: 20 minutes (oral presentation) + 5 minutes (Q&A) = 25 minutes total time

Short papers: 5 minutes (oral presentation) + 0 minutes (Q&A) = 5 minutes total time.
Short papers also have a poster presentation in the poster session that follows their short-paper oral presentation.

To save time during the sessions, all presentations will be made from the conference laptop and that all presentations should be uploaded to the Google Drive before February 21st (authors will be contacted with the specific drive location that they should upload their presentation to).


Each poster will have a designated bulletin board during the assigned poster session. Each short paper will also have a designated bulletin board at the subsequent poster session.

Posters should be mounted on the boards prior to the start of the session. Push pins will be available. Authors must remove their poster prior to the subsequent poster session.

A typical poster will consist of 9 or 12 slides, mounted individually or printed on a large poster. The title and author list should appear at the top.

Posters must be less than 4 x 4 feet to fit on the boards.

The hotel does not have printing facilities and FPGA will not pay for poster printing. So authors should bring their posters. If necessary, posters can be printed at a Staples a couple of blocks from the hotel: https://stores.staples.com/ca/seaside/1550-canyon-del-rey-blvd.


Contact programchair@isfpga.org.