FPGA 2019 Schedule (PDF) and Poster Schedule


Note: Detailed descriptions of Sunday Deep Dive sessions (10 AM and 13:45 PM) is available here. Co-located workshop information can be found here.

8:45 Sunday February 24
8:45 Welcome (Slides)
9:00 Tutorial (Chair: Stephen Neuendorffer)
9:00 The P4->NetFPGA Workflow for Line-Rate Packet Processing (Slides)
Stephen Ibanez2, Gordon Brebner3, Nick McKeown2, Noa Zilberman1. 1University of Cambridge, 2Stanford University, 3Xilinx Labs
10:00 Break
10:15 Visual System Integrator (Slides)
Sandeep Dutta, Adnan Yunus, Artem Marisov, Matt Menezes, Somayeh Rahimipour. System View, Inc.
11:15 Build Your Own Domain-specific Solutions with RapidWright (Slides)
Chris Lavin, Alireza Kaviani. Xilinx, Inc.
12:15 Lunch
13:45 Machine Learning 1 (Chair: Jason Cong)
13:45 Synetgy: Algorithm-hardware Co-design for ConvNet Accelerators on Embedded FPGAs (Slides)
Yifan Yang(4, 3), Qijing Huang(3), Bichen Wu(3), Tianjun Zhang(3), Liang Ma(1), Giulio Gambardella(2), Michaela Blott(2), Luciano Lavagno(1), Kees Vissers(2), John Wawrzynek(3), Kurt Keutzer(3), Politecnico di Torino(1). Xilinx Research Labs(2), University of California, Berkeley(3), Tsinghua University(4)
14:10 REQ-YOLO: A Resource-Aware, Efficient Quantization Framework for Object Detection on FPGAs (Slides)
Caiwen Ding(3), Shuo Wang(2), Ning Liu(3), Kaidi Xu(3), Yanzhi Wang(3), Yun Liang(2, 1). Peng Cheng Laboratory(1), Peking University(2), Northeastern University(3)
14:35 Reconfigurable Convolutional Kernels for Neural Networks on FPGAs (Slides)
Martin Hardieck, Martin Kumm, Konrad Moller, Peter Zipf. University of Kassel
15:00 Break
15:15 Machine Learning 2 (Chair: Andrew Ling)
15:15 F5-HD: Fast Flexible FPGA-based Framework for Refreshing Hyperdimensional Computing (Slides)
Sahand Salamat, Mohsen Imani, Behnam Khaleghi, Tajana Rosing. University of California, San Diego
15:40 Efficient and Effective Sparse LSTM on FPGA with Bank-Balanced Sparsity (Slides)
Shijie Cao(3), Chen Zhang(4), Zhuliang Yao(1), Wencong Xiao(2), Lanshun Nie(3), Dechen Zhan(3), Yunxin Liu(4), Ming Wu(4), Lintao Zhang(4). Tsinghua University(1), Beihang University(2), Harbin Institute of Technology(3), Microsoft Research(4)
16:05 Cloud-DNN: An Open Framework for Mapping DNN Models to Cloud FPGAs (Slides)
Yao Chen(1), Jiong He(1), Xiaofan Zhang(2), Cong Hao(2), Deming Chen(2, 1). Advanced Digital Sciences Center(1), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(2)
16:30 Adjourn
16:30 FCCM PC meeting
19:00 Reception
8:45 Monday February 25
8:45 Keynote (Chair: John Lockwood)
8:45 Versal: The Xilinx Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platforms (ACAP) (Slides)
Kees Vissers. Xilinx, Inc.
9:15 Computing Architectures (Chair: John Lockwood)
9:15 Xilinx Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform: Versal Architecture (Slides)
Brian Gaide, Dinesh Gaitonde, Chirag Ravishankar, Trevor Bauer. Xilinx, Inc.
9:40 Math Doesn't Have to be Hard: Logic Block Architectures to Enhance Low Precision Multiply-Accumulate on FPGAs (Slides)
Andrew Boutros(1, 2), Mohamed Eldafrawy(1), Sadegh Yazdanshenas(1), Vaughn Betz(1, 2). University of Toronto(1), Vector Institute(2)
10:05 LANMC: LSTM-Assisted Non-Rigid Motion Correction on FPGA for Calcium Image Stabilization (Slides)
Zhe Chen, Hugh Blair, Jason Cong. University of California, Los Angeles
10:10 On-chip FPGA Debug Instrumentation for Machine Learning Applications (Slides)
Daniel Holanda Noronha(3), Ruizhe Zhao(2), Jeff Goeders(1), Wayne Luk(2), Steven Wilton(3). Brigham Young University(1), Imperial College London(2), University of British Columbia(3)
10:15 Break and Poster Session 1 (Chair: George Constantinides)
11:25 CAD (Chair: Sinan Kaptonoglu)
11:25 Multi-Commodity Flow-Based Spreading in a Commercial Analytic Placer (Slides) (Best Paper Nominee)
Nima Karimpour Darav(2), Andrew Kennings(1), Kristofer Vorwerk(2), Arun Kundu(2). University of Waterloo(1), Microsemi Corporation(2)
11:50 Simultaneous Placement and Clock Tree Construction for Modern FPGAs (Slides)
Wuxi Li(1), Mehrdad Dehkordi(2), Stephen Yang(2), David Pan(1). University of Texas at Austin(1), Xilinx, Inc.(2)
12:15 EASY: Efficient Arbiter SYnthesis from Multi-threaded Code (Slides)
Jianyi Cheng(2), Shane Fleming(2), Yu Ting Chen(1), Jason Anderson(1), George Constantinides(2). University of Toronto(1), Imperial College London(2)
12:40 Lunch
14:10 Synthesis (Chair: Martin Langhammer)
14:10 Substream-Centric Maximum Matchings on FPGA (Slides) (Best Paper Nominee)
Maciej Besta, Marc Fischer, Tal Ben-Nun, Johannes De Fine Licht, Torsten Hoefler. ETH Zurich
14:35 Speculative Dataflow Circuits (Slides)
Lana Josipovic, Andrea Guerrieri, Paolo Ienne. EPFL
15:00 Constructing Concurrent Data Structures on FPGA with Channels ()
Hui Yan, Zhaoshi Li, Leibo Liu, Shouyi Yin, Shaojun Wei. Tsinghua University
15:05 Rapid Cycle-Accurate Simulator for High-Level Synthesis (Slides)
Yuze Chi, Young-kyu Choi, Jason Cong, Jie Wang. UCLA
15:10 Break and Poster Session 2 (Chair: Phillip Leong)
16:20 Tutorial (Chair: Phillip Leong)
16:20 Compute-Efficient Neural-Network Acceleration (Slides)
Ephrem Wu, Xiaoqian Zhang, David Berman, Inkeun Cho, John Thendean. Xilinx, Inc.
17:20 Adjourn
18:30 Banquet and Panel
FPGAs in Supercomputers: Opportunities or Folly? (Slides)
8:45 Tuesday Feb 26
8:45 Tutorial (Chair: Alireza Kaviani)
8:45 Fractal Synthesis (Slides)
Martin Langhammer, Gregg Baeckler, Sergey Gribok. Intel PSG
9:45 Networks and NOCs (Chair: Grace Zgheib)
9:45 Network-on-Chip Programmable Platform in Versal™ ACAP Architecture (Slides)
Ian Swarbrick, Dinesh Gaitonde, Sagheer Ahmad, Brian Gaide, Ygal Arbel. Xilinx, Inc.
10:10 HopliteBuf: FPGA NoCs with Provably Stall-Free FIFOs (Slides) (Best Paper Nominee)
Tushar Garg, Saud Wasly, Rodolfo Pellizzoni, Nachiket Kapre. University of Waterloo
10:35 The Network Management Unit (NMU): Securing Network Access for Direct-Connected FPGAs (Slides)
Daniel Rozhko, Paul Chow. University of Toronto
11:00 Break
11:15 Heterogenous Platforms (Chair: Vinod Kathail)
11:15 HeteroCL: A Multi-Paradigm Programming Infrastructure for Software-Defined Reconfigurable Computing (Slides) (Best Paper Award)
Yi-Hsiang Lai(1), Yuze Chi(2), Yuwei Hu(1), Jie Wang(2), Cody Hao Yu(2, 3), Yuan Zhou(1), Jason Cong(2), Zhiru Zhang(1). Cornell University(1), University of California, Los Angeles(2), Falcon Computing Solutions, Inc.(3)
11:40 AFFIX: Automatic Acceleration Framework for FPGA Implementation of OpenVX Vision Algorithm (Slides)
Sajjad Taheri(2), Payman Behnam(1), Eli Bozorgzadeh(2), Alexander Veidenbaum(2), Alexandru Nicolau(2). University of Utah(1), University of California, Irvine(2)
12:05 A Modular Heterogeneous Stack for Deploying FPGAs and CPUs in the Data Center (Slides)
Nariman Eskandari, Naif Tarafdar, Daniel Ly-Ma, Paul Chow. University of Toronto
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Devices and Security (Chair: Jeffrey Goeders)
14:00 Impact of Soft Errors on Large-Scale FPGA Cloud Computing (Slides)
Andrew Keller, Michael Wirthlin. Brigham Young University
14:25 Breaking the Trust Dependence on Third Party Processes for Reconfigurable Secure Hardware (Slides)
Aimee Coughlin, Greg Cusack, Jack Wampler, Eric Keller, Eric Wustrow. University of Colorado, Boulder
14:50 Characterization of Long Wire Data Leakage in Deep Submicron FPGAs (Slides)
George Provelengios(1), Chethan Ramesh(1), Shivukumar Patil(1), Ken Eguro(2), Russell Tessier(1), Daniel Holcomb(1). University of Massachusetts Amherst(1), Microsoft Research(2)
14:55 Temporal Thermal Covert Channels on Cloud FPGAs (Slides)
Shanquan Tian, Jakub Szefer. Yale University
15:00 Break and Poster Session 3 (Chair: Kees Vissers)
16:10 Memory (Chair: Herman Schmit)
16:10 Stop Crying Over Your Cache Miss Rate: Handling Efficiently Thousands of Outstanding Misses in FPGAs (Slides)
Mikhail Asiatici, Paolo Ienne. EPFL
16:35 Improving Performance of Graph Processing on FPGA-DRAM Platform by Two-level Vertex Caching (Slides)
Zhiyuan Shao, Ruoshi Li, Diqing Hu, Xiaofei Liao, Hai Jin. Huazhong University of Science and Technology
17:00 FASED: FPGA-Accelerated Simulation and Evaluation of DRAM (Slides)
David Biancolin(2), Sagar Karandikar(1), Donggyu Kim(2, 1), Jack Koenig(2), Andrew Waterman(2), Jonathan Bachrach(2), Krste Asanovic(2). SiFive Inc.(1), University of California, Berkeley(2)
17:25 Best Paper Award
17:35 Adjourn