A limited number of travel grants are available for FPGA 2023 participants. Travel grants are mostly intended for students and those with limited or no funds to travel to the conference. It is intended to encourage wider participation, especially of minorities and those who are in their early years of FPGA research. A number of factors would be considered by the committee, including the need justification, whether the applicant is a student (not a requirement), whether the applicant is helping in the efforts to evaluate artifacts (a plus), and whether a paper or poster is being presented by the applicant. The last condition is a plus, but not a requirement; in fact, the committee would look positively at applications that show the participant is looking for networking opportunities and learning more about FPGAs to enrich their FPGA research.

The Travel Grant Application Form is due January 11, 2023.

The application form is here: https://go.epfl.ch/fpga23

Contact the General Chair with any questions: generalchair@isfpga.org