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Sunday, February 27, 2022

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Monday, February 28, 2022

(Bold titles indicate best paper candidates)

Time (PST) Topic
Session Chair
Title Authors
08:00 Opening Session Michael Adler, Paolo Ienne
08:15 Architecture and CAD
Dana How
RapidStream: Parallel Physical Implementation of FPGA HLS Designs    Licheng Guo (UCLA), Pongstorn Maidee (Xilinx), Yun Zhou (Ghent University), Chris Lavin (Xilinx), Jie Wang (UCLA), Yuze Chi (UCLA), Weikang Qiao (UCLA), Alireza Kaviani (Xilinx), Zhiru Zhang (Cornell), and Jason Cong (UCLA)
How to Shrink My FPGAs - Optimizing Tile Interfaces and the Configuration Logic in FABulous FPGA Fabrics King Lok Chung (University of Manchester), Nguyen Dao (University of Manchester), Jing Yu (University of Manchester), and Dirk Koch (University of Manchester)
Revisiting PathFinder Routing Algorithm Yue Zha (University of Pennsylvania) and Jing "Jane" Li (University of Pennsylvania)
Multi-input Serial Adders for FPGA-like Computational Fabric (short) Herman Schmit (Google) and Matthew Denton (Google)
Towards Agile DNN Accelerator Design Using Incremental Synthesis on FPGAs (short) Qingcheng Xiao (Peking University) and Yun Liang (Peking University)
09:15 Keynote
Guy Lemieux
Logic Scaling Options for the Next 10 Years: From FinFet to CFET, from Dual Damascene to Semi Damascene Zsolt Tőkei (imec)
10:15 Break
10:30 Poster Session 1
11:15 High-Level Tools and Abstractions
Eriko Nurvitadhi
High-Performance Sparse Linear Algebra on HBM-Equipped FPGAs Using HLS: A Case Study on SpMV   Yixiao Du (Cornell University), Yuwei Hu (Cornell University), Zhongchun Zhou (Cornell University), and Zhiru Zhang (Cornell University)
Sextans: A Streaming Accelerator for General-Purpose Sparse-Matrix Dense-Matrix Multiplication    Linghao Song (UCLA), Yuze Chi (UCLA), Atefeh Sohrabizadeh (UCLA), Young-kyu Choi (Inha University), Jason Lau (UCLA), and Jason Cong (UCLA)
HeteroFlow: An Accelerator Programming Model with Decoupled Data Placement for Software-Defined FPGAs    Shaojie Xiang (Cornell University), Yi-Hsiang Lai (Cornell University), Yuan Zhou (Cornell University), Hongzheng Chen (Cornell University), Niansong Zhang (Cornell University), Debjit Pal (Cornell University), and Zhiru Zhang (Cornell University)
Finding and Finessing Static Islands in Dynamically Scheduled Circuits Jianyi Cheng (Imperial College London), John Wickerson (Imperial College London), and George A. Constantinides (Imperial College London)
12:15 End of Day 1

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

(Bold titles indicate best paper candidates)

Time (PST) Topic
Session Chair
Title Authors and Presenters
08:00 Machine Learning
Caiwen Ding
Logic Shrinkage: Learned FPGA Netlist Sparsity for Efficient Neural Network Inference    Erwei Wang (Imperial College London), James J. Davis (Imperial College London), Georgios-Ilias Stavrou (Imperial College London), Peter Y. K. Cheung (Imperial College London), George A. Constantinides (Imperial College London), and Mohamed Abdelfattah (Cornell University)
N3H-Core: Neuron-designed Neural Network Accelerator via FPGA-based Heterogeneous Computing Cores Yu Gong (Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute), Zhihan Xu (Shanghai Qi Zhi Institute), Zhezhi He (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Weifeng Zhang (Alibaba Group US Inc.), Xiaobing Tu (Alibaba Group), Xiaoyao Liang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), and Li Jiang (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
HP-GNN: Generating High Throughput GNN Training Implementation on CPU-FPGA Heterogeneous Platform Yi Chien Lin (University of Southern California), Bingyi Zhang (University of Southern California), and Viktor K. Prasanna (University of Southern California)
FILM-QNN: Efficient FPGA Acceleration of Deep Neural Networks with Intra-Layer, Mixed-Precision Quantization Mengshu Sun (Northeastern University), Zhengang Li (Northeastern University), Alec Lu (Simon Fraser University), Yanyu Li (Northeastern University), Sung-En Chang (Northeastern University), Xiaolong Ma (Northeastern University), Xue Lin (Northeastern University), and Zhenman Fang (Simon Fraser University)
An FPGA-based RNN-T Inference Accelerator with PIM-HBM (short) Shinhaeng Kang (Samsung Electronics), Sukhan Lee (Samsung Electronics), Byeongho Kim (Seoul National University), Hweesoo Kim (Samsung Electronics), Kyomin Sohn (Samsung Electronics), Nam Sung Kim (Samsung Electronics), and Eojin Lee (Inha University)
09:10 Hall of Fame Papers
André DeHon
09:20 Keynote
Jason Cong
The Virtuous Cycles of Determinism: Programming Groq's Tensor Streaming Processor Satnam Singh (Groq)
10:20 Break
10:30 Poster Session 2
11:15 Applications
Satwant Singh
REMOT: A Hardware-Software Architecture for Attention-Guided Multi-Object Tracking with Dynamic Vision Sensors on FPGAs    Yizhao Gao (University of Hong Kong), Song Wang (University of Hong Kong), and Hayden Kwok-Hay So (University of Hong Kong)
Accelerating Constraint-Based Causal Discovery by Shifting Speed Bottleneck Ce Guo (Imperial College London) and Wayne Luk (Imperial College London)
Co-Design for Energy Efficient and Fast Genomic Search: Interleaved Bloom Filter on FPGA Marius Knaust (Zuse Institute Berlin), Enrico Seiler (Freie Universität Berlin), Knut Reinert (Freie Universität Berlin), and Thomas Steinke (Zuse Institute Berlin)
Accelerating SSSP for Power-Law Graphs    Yuze Chi (UCLA), Licheng Guo (UCLA), and Jason Cong (UCLA)
12:15 Best Paper Award and Closing Session Michael Adler, Paolo Ienne

Poster Session 1 (February 28)

Session Chair: Lana Josipović 

Title Authors
A High Throughput Multi-bit-width 3D Systolic Accelerator for NAS Optimized Deep Neural Networks on FPGA Mingqiang Huang (Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Yucen Liu (Southern University of Science and Technology), Quan Cheng (Southern University of Science and Technology), Shuxin Yang (Southern University of Science and Technology), Kai Li (Southern University of Science and Technology), Junyi Luo (Southern University of Science and Technology), Zhengke Yang (Southern University of Science and Technology), Qiufeng Li (Southern University of Science and Technology), and Hao Yu (Southern University of Science and Technology)
Automated Accelerator Optimization Aided by Graph Neural Networks Atefeh Sohrabizadeh (UCLA), Yunsheng Bai (UCLA), Yizhou Sun (UCLA), and Jason Cong (UCLA)
Efficient FPGA-based ECDSA Verification Engine For Permissioned Blockchains Rashmi Agrawal (Boston University), Ji Yang (Xilinx), and Haris Javaid (Xilinx)
End-to-End Acceleration of Homomorphic Encrypted CNN Inference on FPGAs Tian Ye (University of Southern California), Rajgopal Kannan (US Army Research Lab), and Viktor K. Prasanna (University of Southern California)
FPGA Accelerators for Robust Visual SLAM on Humanoid Robots Maria Rafaela Gkeka (University of Thessaly), Alexandros Patras (University of Thessaly), Nikolaos Tavoularis (FORTH), Stylianos Piperakis (FORTH), Emmanouil Hourdakis (FORTH), Panos Trahanias (FORTH), Christos D. Antonopoulos (University of Thessaly), Spyros Lalis (University of Thessaly), and Nikolaos Bellas (University of Thessaly)
Hardware Acceleration of Nonparametric Belief Propagation for Efficient Robot Manipulation Yanqi Liu (Brown University), Theo Guerin (Brown University), Anthony Opipari (University of Michigan), and Ruth Iris Bahar (Brown University)
HMT: A Hardware-Centric Hybrid Bonsai Merkle Tree Algorithm for High-Performance Authentication Rakin Muhammad Shadab (University of Central Florida), Yu Zou (University of Central Florida), Sanjay Gandham (University of Central Florida), Amro Awad (North Carolina State University), and Mingjie Lin (University of Central Florida)
MathRAMs: Configurable Fused Compute-Memory Blocks for FPGAs Aman Arora (The University of Texas at Austin), Aatman Borda (The University of Texas at Austin), Anand Tanmay (The University of Texas at Austin), Bagus Hanindhito (The University of Texas at Austin), and Lizy John (The University of Texas at Austin)
Synthesized Garbage Collection for FPGA Accelerators Martha Barker (Columbia University), Martha Kim (Columbia University), and Stephen A. Edwards (Columbia University)

Poster Session 2 (March 1)

Session Chair: Stefan Nikolić 

Title Authors
DecGNN: A Framework for Mapping Decoupled GNN Models onto CPU-FPGA Heterogeneous Platform Bingyi Zhang (University of Southern California), Hanqing Zeng (University of Southern California), and Viktor K. Prasanna (University of Southern California)
FPGA-based Trainable Autoencoder for Communication Systems Jonas Ney (TU Kaiserslautern), Sebastian Dörner (University of Stuttgart), Matthias Herrmann (TU Kaiserslautern), Mohammad Hassani Sadi (TU Kaiserslautern), Jannis Clausius (University of Stuttgart), Stephan ten Brink (University of Stuttgart), and Norbert Wehn (TU Kaiserslautern)
Highly Scalable Runtime Countermeasure Against Microprobing Attacks on Die-to-Die Interconnections in System-in-Package Zhenyu Xu (The University of Rhode Island), Thomas Mauldin (The University of Rhode Island), Qing Yang (The University of Rhode Island), and Tao Wei (The University of Rhode Island)
HiPR: Fast, Incremental Custom Partial Reconfiguration for HLS Developers Yuanlong Xiao (University of Pennsylvania) and Andre DeHon (University of Pennsylvania)
MAQO: A Scalable Many-Core Annealer for Quadratic Optimization on a Stratix 10 FPGA Mohammad Bagherbeik (University of Toronto), Wentao Xu (University of Toronto), Seyed Farzad Mousavi (University of Toronto), Kouichi Kanda (Fujitsu Limited), Hirotaka Tamura (DXR Laboratory), and Ali Sheikholeslami (University of Toronto)
An Integrity Checking Framework for AXI Protocol in Multi-tenant FPGA Yukui Luo (Northeastern University), Yuheng Zhang (Northeastern University), Shijin Duan (Northeastern University), and Xiaolin Xu (Northeastern University)
SPA-GCN: Efficient and Flexible GCN Accelerator with Application for Graph Similarity Computation Atefeh Sohrabizadeh (UCLA), Yuze Chi (UCLA), and Jason Cong (UCLA)
Ultra Low-Complexity Implementation of Binary Ring-LWE based Post-Quantum Cryptography on FPGA Platform Jiafeng Xie (Villanova University), Pengzhou He (Villanova University), and Tianyou Bao (Villanova University)
Yosys+Odin-II: The Odin-II Partial Mapper with Yosys Coarse-grained Netlists in VTR Seyed Alireza Damghani (University of New Brunswick) and Kenneth B. Kent (University of New Brunswick)